Thursday, 15 November 2012

Latest In Beauty and YOU 1st Beauty Obsessed Advent Calendar

Latest in Beauty Advent Calendar in partnership with YOU Magazine

I tweeted about this when it first came out and I wanted to write straight away about my excitement, its my perfect advent calendar; for those of us who are beauty obsessed. Celebrating their one-year anniversary and partnership with the Mail on Sunday's YOU magazine, Latest in Beauty (try before you buy beauty website) have created the YOU Beauty Advent Calendar.... Beauty Genius!

The limited edition calendar features a selection of beauty products from a range of 24 brands and what a great way to try a number of brands in 24 days.

So what delights are hidden behind those doors? Well fabulous beauty products for you to try from Balm Balm lip balm, Dermelogica favourites pack, Benefit's They're Real mascara, PerriconeMD No Foundation Foundation - creams, masks, fragrances, scented candles, nail varnish what more could you ask for!! They have included some of my absolute favorites like the gorgeous Bioeffect EGF Serum, EVE LOM rescue Mask, its a beauty must have!

These limited-edition calendars, RRP in excess of £210 each, and are available for £59.95 with I am pleased to say free delivery using the following exclusive code MORELIB from the team LIB; just enter this when you go to checkout. You have until the 30th November to take advantage of free delivery! Visit and grab one of these beauty advent calendars while stocks last. xox

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

VOTE and WIN with Manicare

Manicare have been inspired by the influence of the Aztec elements that have been incorporated within the fashion industry of late and have decided to create limited edition mini tweezers and nail file collection Aztec style. See pics above of the designs

Manicare has also teamed up with jewellery genius Peter Lang who has introduced a range of beautiful Aztec inspired jewellery pieces - necklace and earrings in gorgeous bright colours.

So why am I writing about them?  well Manicare have opened up their Facebook page to enlist your help in assisting them by picking/liking the final designs. The chosen designs will then be on the shelves for everyone to purchase and love, but thats not all - I mean why would you vote unless you had a chance to WIN something right?

Visit the Manicare facebook page - like their page, vote for your chosen design,and you could win 1 of 3 prizes, worth up to $1,200 which will include the gorgeous Peter Lang Aztec jewellery pieces along with the limited edition mini tweezers and nail files.

The final 10 designs to be voted on will be displayed on the Manicare Facebook page from 10/11/12 for your chance to win. Visit Manicare Facebook page HERE to vote and enter; you have until the 19/11/12.

Terms & Conditions for the Manicare competition can be viewed here. Please be aware this competition is only open to Australian residents.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

Virtual Makeover App - ModiFace

Not sure if you should get that lippy? Well why not try it on via your mobile. Now there is no need to remove your make up your wearing to see how you will look before you set in foot in store or purchase online with the ModiFace virtual makeover app.

ModiFace concept was originally conceived in 1999 at Stanford University, USA and officially became a virtual product in 2006. ModiFace has developed a number of virtual in the beauty arena including a hairstyle and nail lacquer app, you can even try on tattoo's!! Check them all out hereAll you need to do is:-

  • Upload a photo of yourself and then you can start to try on makeup
  • You can choose from thousands of name brand lip colors, eye shadows, blushes and foundations
  • Love this - you can then purchase the ACTUAL product straight from the app
  • Virtually try on your favorite red carpet ready celebrity hairstyles and so much more

You can always tell how a product is doing by its associations. ModiFace has worked with a number of cosmetic and skincare brands including L'Oreal, Jane Iredale, Stila, WWD and more recently Sleek Make up

Working with Sleek Makeup the app allows you to try out their entire cosmetics line. It has a unique double-window display which shows your entire face in one window and a zoomed-in version of the facial features in another. When you are happy you can share your look via facebook, twitter and email. See and try the Sleek Makeup virtual makeover tool here, cool if you like to try on and share your out fits you can do the same for your make up looks.

Download the MakeUp ModiFace iphone App here and Android here.

Have you tried these app? or have you used one of the makeover tools developed with the likes of Ulta, L'Oreal, Stila or Sleek Makeup? What do you think of them?

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector vs Palmer's Eventone Fade Cream

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector - A daily illuminating moisturiser that visibly reduces the appearance of sun spots, acne scarring and age spots while providing you with 24 hr moisturisation. Leaves your skin looking luminous, radiant with or without makeup. Garnier claims that you should see visible results after 4 weeks. Continued use(12 weeks plus)your skin should appear even more illuminated, clear and smooth. It contains clinical grade pure Vitamin C(5%) known for its brightening/illuminating effects. rrp 50ml AUS $16.99 UK £9.99 US $16.99

Palmer's Eventone Fade Cream - This is a rich cream formulation that like the rest of the Palmer's range is designed to even skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots caused by age, pregnancy or through sun damage. The one I bought has an spf 15, there is one without. This product contains active ingredients kojic acid, vitamin C, E and alpha hydroxy acid help even skin tone and lighten the appearance of dark spots. rrp 2.7oz AUS $16.95 US $8.47.

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector - light in texture, non greasy, absorbed easily, citrus scent slightly strong for me, however it does fade quickly after application. Skin instantly looked brighter from the off. Over the next two month or so I noticed my skin looked brighter and toned. It states you should notice visible changes after 4 weeks. I personally did not see any change to my dark spots or freckles. I was monitoring certain area on my left side of my case near my eye.

Would I carry on using it - yes, I will finish what I have left as many people commented on my skin looking brighter, appeared more even and glowing, so great as a illuminating moisturiser. For me it is not a must have for dark spot correction, it will visibly make you skin look healthier but it is just another great high street lightweight moisturiser I am afraid!

Palmers Eventone Fade Cream - thicker in texture and matte in appearance once applied. The smell put me off this product more than anything It smelt like it was off and slightly chemically, this is due to the SPF. I applied the amount in the picture above to my dark spots in particular and then what was left to the rest of my right side of my face. Over the weeks my skin appeared more toned and I did see some improvement to my dark spots and skin tone. They seemed to be fading or patchy. I was monitoring an area on my right cheek specifically. Also note if you are going through skin laser treatment for pigmentation do not use this product as it contains AHA's.

Would I carry on using it - well not this version purely down to the smell. I think I would go for the non spf version next time. So, yes I would purchase again. I am sure with more use I would see more changes to my skin tone. I remember buying it because it had the spf in it, thought about the added protection, however from now on I would always use a separate spf sun protection product (thanks SunSense) as part of my skincare routine. I really can't take a chemically smelling product. I am a girl after all!

Have you tried either of these products? Have your results been better then mine? xx

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Have you got SunSense?

How do I look? No peachy clear skin here! When I saw this I was in shock to say the least. This is a picture of my face after having my skin analysed for UV damage via the SunSense UV Photobus, which is now travelling across the country visiting 21 locations from 9 Oct to 5 Dec 2012, with its team of skincare consultants providing FREE UV skin analysis, skin protection advice and also some complimentary SunSense products that are best for you and your lifestyle. SunSense together with their new brand ambassador Carrie Bickmore are on a mission to raise awareness and educate each and everyone of us on how we can better protect our skin now and as we age.

SunSense UV Photobus @ Wynard Park Sydney
A little about me - I am from Ireland originally and have lived in the UK most of my life until last year when I moved to Australia for a couple of years. I always wore sun lotion on holiday, us girls we pretty good at that but I am sure I was not wearing the right SPF, due to my ignorance and wanting a tan like pretty much most of us when you in your teens and on hols with the girls. I generally didn't burn, but I definitely did not re-apply enough and I loved water so spent a lot of time in the sea. So my face really did take a UV hit in my younger days. So I knew I would have damage, but was not aware how much. My result was 39%, the average is 42%, just so you know the best result you can get is 100% - of course. So I, like Carrie Bickmore are just under average meaning our skin, if we dont start protecting ourselves more from UV rays could get a lot worse. No-one wants to look like an old wrinkly hag before their time or worse get skin cancer!

SunSense Anti-ageing face matte SPF 30+
There are small changes you can make and Carrie and I discussed what they were and how its made her feel when she had her scan done, basically pretty much the same as me, shocked! Carrie now uses everyday without fail SunSense SPF30+ anti-aging face and does not rely just on her moisturiser or makeup for protection. She also makes sure she has a bottle of sunscreen handy in her bag or by the front door when she knows she is going to be outdoors alot. Carrie also stated that she is making her 5 yr old son actively apply sun screen, they tend write words or letters on his skin to make it more fun. Here are Carrie's top 3 tips she shared with me for looking after your skin and preventing any more damage; after all prevention is where it all starts!

* be consistent - ensure you use it every day as part of your skincare routine
* you are never too young to start looking after your skin and protecting it from the sun, even on those CLOUDY days
* remember if you are outside for long periods of time whether that be on the beach, park or even shopping ALWAYS re apply.

Carrie Bickmore TV Presenter and SunSense Brand Ambassador
I also met Dr Kerryn Grieve who is Head of Research & Development at Ego Pharmaceuticals who produce SunSense skincare range and is basically a UV and sun screen guru! She is also their official spokesperson on all things SunSense. Dr Grieve has worked in Australia, UK and US and has a wealth of knowledge within in this area of skincare and is working to ensure the testing standards are updated effectively enabling more protective sun screens, like SPF50+ are readily available. She is lovely and I am hoping to catch up with her again about her work in this area. It has to be said, she has the most flawless skin I have seen and as you would expect she has no tan!

Dr Grieve has kindly put together and provided me with her personal 'stay safe in the sun' tips list that I would like to share with you, click here. This is for you to keep and share with family and friends. These tips may seem obvious but how many do you truly follow? How conscious are you that you are protecting your skin enough? I know I have not followed all. However after Tuesdays UV scan I am improving on the previous changes I had made in my skincare routine and how I protect my skin, ensuring I use a sun screen everyday (not just relying on my moisturiser or foundations spf) no matter what the weather as I am determined not to damage my skin any further.

To find out more on what SunSense sun protection skincare range and the locations of their UV Photobus visit their website here. They have a range that can cover the most relaxed person to the most active and those who spend their days mainly outside. No matter where you live in the world make sure you are protected, don't grow old before your time or be another skin cancer statistic!

Elsewhere, I know in the UK and other countries do similar campaigns so please check out if there is one near you or being organised as Cancer Research UK will be going round retail centres in Scotland this month click here for more info.

So how do you look? Do you protect yourself and use a good spf everyday? What are your tips? love to hear them.

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Le Edge - The Exfoliator

Fed up with your loofah or exfoliating puff ball just hanging there in the bathroom, sometimes needing a wash itself?! Thinking about buying a new one to achieve sexy smooth and clean skin without product fuss? Well you may want to take a look at Le Edge

What is it? Apart from looking rather like a large razor (which it is not), it is a new tool for exfoliation of the body, and is also for use on the face.

How does it work? Using it on wet skin only, so perfect for use when you are in the shower. Le Edge helps remove dead skin cells, dirt that sits on the top of you skin, leaving you with fresh clean and brighter skin.

The tip is made from surgical steel to hygienically exfoliate the surface layers of your skin. It is smooth to the touch.

I personally have been using it on my legs prior to shaving, just using the warm water from my shower no other products as instructed. After the first use I didn't see much of a change, however now after a few more uses and together with my body aftercare I have noticed a real difference to my skin, more so at the top of my legs where I occasionally get a slight bumps, these have diminished completely. The instructions states it is best held at a 45-degree angle, which I think you would do naturally due to the shape, if you dont try to just helps achieve a better result. I have now started using it on other parts of my body like the tops of my arms and my face which is really sensitive to facial scrubs and seems to be fine so far although I do feel like I have a big shaver to my face due to its shape - is not sharp or shaver like in anyway. You do not need to place a lot of pressure just let it do its work.

This is going to be great after being at the beach to help remove the remainder of my sun tan lotion and if you like fake than this also might be a great help for pre and post tan application. If you are male (blue version available) or female looking for something new to aid smooth clean skin you may want to consider Le Edge.

Le Edge rrp Australia $39.95, USA $34.95, UK via HQHair £20.00

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Friday, 5 October 2012

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect - 5 Minute Manicure

Orchid and Champagne
Nutra Nails Gel Perfect "5 minute" gel colour manicure is an at-home manicure product that is based on the gel manicures you may go and have done at a nail salon. Compared to other 'gel' at home Mani's there is no UV/LED light or long drying/waiting period. It is very simple to use although you do have to work quickly.

Nail prep: Prior to application ensure your nails are completely clear of any old nail lacquer, treatments etc. If required perform your normal tidy up; so a file, reshape and cuticle tidy.

Product: Consists of an activator*, nail polish, brush cleaner

Left to right: Brush Cleaner, Activator, Nail Polish in Orchid

Step 1: Nutra Nail Activator
Start with the hand you have more trouble applying nail lacquer to it will help. Apply the 'activator' to each nail of your first hand and ensure it does not dry and move to step 2.
Step 2: Nutra Nail Colour
Apply immediately in a thin layer to each nail of your first hand where you have applied the activator.
Step 3: Brush Cleaner
With a paper towel/tissue remove the excess nail colour and place into the brush cleaner bottle and that brush into the nail polish bottle - this is to help reduce the product build up caused by the activator. If the brush is not clean it will effect the finish.

Repeat the process on for a second time and then on your other hand. It is suggested that you only apply two coats of the nail lacquer. Full detailed instructions are in the box please read carefully. You can also watch a how-to video on the Nutra Nail website.

Results and thoughts:
The finish is a semi-gloss finish with the colour I applied - Orchid. It did for me only take about 5 minutes and pretty much was dry and hard in that time so no smudges or dings here, so it lived up to that claim! The activator I found gave of some fumes, so make sure you are in a large room and not a bathroom. This little bottle is also more commonly known as false nail glue(see below ingredients list) which did cause a little problem but soon rectified as I had filed my nails right down so my nail tip hit the skin of my finger on one or two of my fingers I had the nail and skin stick together. If you do have short nails to press your finger into the table so the nail is away from the skin and do not run the activator along the top of the nail like they show you on the Nutra Nail website. Also ensure you remove any excess prior to application. If you have long nails you will be fine.

My nails lasted pretty well, one did chip on day two ever so slightly. I wore it for 3-4 days before I removed it. This product would be good for an occasion like a wedding, a special event, or you don't have much time. Also if the environment you live in is warm this could be a product to consider due to its drying time.

Nutra Nail also has a specific nail polish remover available called No-Mess Express™. It consists of 5 yellow pads that you press your nails against, takes around 2 minutes. You can also use pure acetone; just soak your nails for a couple minutes and wipe clean.

Nutra Nail Gel Perfect has 10 shades and is available via and in Australia via If you are from the UK visit Amazon. This product retails at USD$11.99, AUD$22.99 and in the UK £11.99

The No-Mess Express polish remover is USD$5.99, AUD$10.99, UK £5.79


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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Beauty Bloggers Utopia

Over the weekend I took park in the first Beauty Bloggers Utopia 2012 conference which brought together 30 Australian bloggers over a two day event filled with education, workshops, discussion and networking.

Day One -
It kicked off with an early breakfast at Guylian Cafe where Arnaud from Cosmetiques De France presented three great french brands - Bioderma, Nuxe, Uriage. I personally have in my makeup kit Bioderma - great makeup remover and cleanser, perfect for sensitive skin and Nuxe - natural dry skin oil, perfect for all year round skincare and stretch marks; they also have a shimmer version. It was fantastic to gain some real insight into the products and be introduced to Uriage Thermal Water a facial spray to help lock in and add moisture to dehydrated skin.

L-R: Aderline (Through Beauty Eyes), Michaela (Lather Rinse Repeat), Rosemary (Lashes and Lattes) , Kimmi (The Plastic Diaries
Then it was off to IMATS Sydney for shopping purposes, relax and network in the media lounge sponsored by Royal & Langnickel where they showcased their latest brush range in collaboration with makeup artist Kevin James Bennet. Refreshments, massages and manicures were also on offer. I think nearly all of us enjoyed a good massage and time to network.

I had the experience also of being a face model for Kevin's workshop on stage at IMATS where he used the new range of brushes from Royal & Langnickel. That was an interesting experience!

In the evening we were taken to see Legally Blonde the musical - a great girls night out and we even had a back stage tour and met some of the actors, amazing! This was courtesy of 'Lust Have It' the monthly beauty box subscription service.

Day Two - Location Cameron Jane Makeup Design
The second day consisted of back to back education, workshops, discussions and brand presentations. 
Day Two BBU12 Conference @ Cameron Jane Makeup Academy - beauty musing
Each Beauty Blogger received products from the conference sponsors - The Makeup Box, Bobs Studio (Lord & Berry),
Adderton, Mor, Illamasqua, Jojoba Company, Makeup Net (Lime Crime), Crown Brush
Schick, Voss Water, Chi Coconut Water
Cameron-Jane educating us on facial symmetry and how to look at faces
Stephen Adderton - Adderton Makeup and Skincare showcase
Panel discussion L-R - Hanna DeMilta (Rocket Media), Christine Butcher(Hair Romance), Larah Kennedy(Social Media Whiz)
Heather Snodgrass from Hello Darling nail lacquer
Lorraine Murphy from The Remarkable Group
  • Cameron-Jane from Cameron Jane Makeup Design, took us through the importance of understanding face shape, features, a faces symmetry and how little tweaks can really enhance they way you look. We did a practical measuring all our faces, a few hair partings were re arranged!
  • Stephen Adderton from The Beauty Lounge in Rozelle, introduced his makeup range called Adderton. Range consist of mineral foundation, illuminator, lipstick, lip gloss, powders, mascara. His Skincare range will be available early 2013 - a range to watch!
  • Beauty Trivia - session with 4 rounds of beauty trivia. We all got al ittle competitive in a helping sort of way!! Prizes were to be won... Kimmi from The Plastic Diaries won and Stacey from AddtoCart was the runner up. Well done girls
  • Panel discussion chaired by the lovely Larah Kennedy with Hanna DeMilta from Rocket Media and Christine Butcher a successful author and who writes Hair Romance. Internet, social media and brand chat that was thoroughly insightful
  • Nair art workshop presented by Heather Snodgrass one half of Hello Darling Nail laquer. We got to try the new nail transfer range, so easy and fun with great designs, I loved the bows. If you have not tried this nail range, one word 'DO'
  • Lastly we had a great presentation by Lorraine Murphy who 4 months ago set up The Remarkables Group a dedicated agency for bloggers across multiple categories including more recently beauty. Lorraine gave insight into the world of blogging from and agency and brand pov, provided tips, insight and answered questions from members of the conference
The whole conference was great for me. I was a blogger from the UK, now living in Australia, so it was a perfect place for me to meet other influential beauty bloggers who mostly I had only met over internet; finally in person. I really learnt some great things which I now need to apply to my blog and have a greater understanding of what needs to be achieved personally as well as what others are looking for.

I'd like to say a big thank you to Sara-May from Makeup Utopia and Larah Kennedy for organising a great event, hope you both enjoyed your bubbles!! Also to all the sponsors involved for the products, refreshments, food and evening events and to the speakers for taking time out over your weekend to come and spend time with us. Finally thank you to all the beauty bloggers who attended for welcoming me in and making it a fantastic weekend.

p.s sorry for the long post  xoxo

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